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I got grumpy/sad today. Not sure why. Might have been the NPR story about the Trauma center, could be me second guessing myself about whether I am doing enough to earn my salary. I feel like I'm looking over my shoulder for the other shoe to drop. Tim told me that I'm cranky a lot. I'm trying not to be. In bed watching reality TV drinking wine. Hope it helps.

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I was inspired by Jenga, who always looks so nice to wear nicer clothes. When you look good, you feel good or so they say. So I've been wearing dresses to work. It's really kind of fun. Sure the novelty will wear off and I'll stop getting compliments eventually, but it's fun for the time being. I'm wearing jeans today since I had to have Danny at the dentist at 7am but I'm not goin in today.

Why? Because its the last day of my Software Product Management course at UW and I have to do a presentation. Im super ready but my partner is nervous.mostly because she has no idea what is going on. That's not my fault though. I'm not going to do All the work and then waste my time teaching her.

Last night I started and finished my rainbow tutu for pride. I can see tutus being cute on little girls but it's gigantic and poofy on me, and being an ample sized woman, it makes me look Kind of like a self contained parade float. I guess I don't care that much.

I wonder if the booze will be cheaper at costco than it was at the liquor store. I need to buy a whole bar's worth.

I'm worried I'm going to miss Mardi's 4th of July party when I go to my choir conference in Denver.

I just ordered $700 worth of anti seizure meds for my son but he is going to (maybe) get his drivers license in a month. Like driving isn't stressful enough, I gotta have an epileptic.

I'm rambling but it's boring in the dentists office.

Making chocolate raspberry cupcakes for class today. Can't decide which dress to wear for my presentation. Should I go all business-y or should I go pretty?
What else? I turn into Eric Wesley when I am on Nitrous oxide. I hate songs that are just idioms strung together. There's one in particular.

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I need a PC. Minimum specs are 2GB RAM (although I'd prefer 4) and 1.6Ghz. I need to have dual monitor setup, so it needs 2 video cards or at least a slot for a second one. I'd like it to be small (and more importantly light) as possible because it is part of a portable system and the easier to carry and set up, the better. I don't think a laptop will work because I  need dual monitors and I don't think laptops can support 3. Too bad because I have a netbook that totally would work. Anyway, I'm probably looking at grabbing something off of craigslist, even the super cheap ones have everything I need.

I had one that would have worked but I gave it away just recently, I hadn't used it in EVER and it seemed like the right thing to do. I used to be really good at this stuff, building computers from old parts, but now the options are so stunning, I don't even know where to start. 

Mac Mini would possibly work except My software is Windows. 
Can someone tell me where to start or possibly what to avoid?
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I'm sitting in the waiting room at Swedish Issaquah (omg gorgeous hospital) waiting for Ian to get done with his EEG. There's a Starbucks here so it's not so bad. I thought I'd update here, why not.

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You can still get good seats for the Seattle Women's Chorus show this weekend! Starring ME! It's going to be a really fun show!

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I have a couple things to give away, I could craigslist but will check here first if someone wants 'em.

I have a "scoop free" litter box, it uses the blue crystals (I order them from Amazon to get the exact right ones). I also have the "forever litter tray" that goes with it. My cat's don't like the crystals. If you have one that does, it's yours. My cats don't like the crystals and would prefer to pee on ANYTHING else than them. So we now use a rubbermaid bin with clay litter in it. Whatever, stupid cats.

This one here:http://www.amazon.com/Brilliant-Pet-SX1-ScoopFree-Self-Cleaning/dp/B000ELUQQS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325705992&sr=8-1

Also, I have a paddle attachment for a KitchenAid that is too small for my mixer. I have a "Commercial 5" (I assume 5 quarts?) and it just floats in midair above the bowl. It's pretty cool, it has a scraper on it so you don't have to scrape the sides as you are mixing. Tim got it for me for xmas and I'm pretty bummed it doesn't fit but if you have a baby Kitchenaid it might be for you.

Love, Me.
Oh, and also I need to borrow a set of ramps so I can put "new" bumpers on my Sable. Anyone? Or anyone want to come over and help me put bumpers on my Sable? haha.
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I'm really on edge today. I'm finishing up day 3 of hardcore stomach cramps. Well no, I guess it's intestinal cramps. I'm sure it's something I ate and I'm pretty good at hiding pain and only a couple of times I yelled so no one really knows how much it hurts. I don't have a uterus so I'm pretty sure I'm not one of those "I didn't know I was pregnant!!" ladies but if I hadn't had a hysterectomy I might worry cuz it fucking HURTS.
I might call my doctor tomorrow but she will just tell me to drink a lot of water. UGH. I'm probably going to have to stop eating good things now. I fucking hate being over 40. This is bullshit.
Also today I spent many many hours getting Ian's instruction permit and new contacts taken care of. He didn't seem excited about either. When asked if he ever gets excited about anything he said yeah, he likes his new laptop and is still pretty excited about his leather trenchcoat (that we got in October for $20 at value village). Oh well, I tried.

Going to be grumpy for an hour or so and then off to $5 Tuesday at the Cinebarre. Did you know about that Susan?

Edit: Finally tried bitters. Here's hoping that works.
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They're chocolate cupcakes with a hershey's candy cane kiss in the middle. I haven't eaten one yet. So far no complaints though. :D

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This friday is the Popcap holiday party. The theme is Disco Fever, So I made these shoes. Well, really I bought the shoes at Value Village and a bunch of disco ball ornaments, Then I ruined the ornaments by pulling all of the mirrors off and glued them to the shoes. They look fabulous! Only problem, they are about a 1/2 size too big. So I bought some of those gel insoles that go in the toe. Only Now the shoes fit perfectly, but they HURT. Dammit. Going to wear them anyway, of course.

What else? Tim and I are going on vacation to Florida in a few days, and I haven't packed anything. Also, my boss told me that Popcap will reimburse up to $750 a quarter for my classes. Oops! I paid quite a bit more than that and I'm counting on the reimbursement to pay for next quarter. Darnit! Also got kudos for doing a great job on my last project so hopefully that will translate to a raise next time it comes up. I've been here two years without any movement on the salary front. Mostly due to the EA shift but still, you betta rekanize.
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Too much cleavage for work y/n? I work at a game company.

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1. I would like to thank my Ramones t-shirt for giving me a waist this morning. I needed that.

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I'm making meatballs and fruit cocktail in a can for dinner. And then I'm going to watch the Glee Project and True Blood. I'm out of wine and too lazy to go to the store but I have grape vodka and pink lemonade mix and that sounds like it would be delicious together right? Also, I'm not going to lock this post at all so my stalker can read it! HI STALKER! *waves*

Yes, I am that Mexcellent. I have a stalker. If you don't have one, you should get one, it makes you feel like someone cares.
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Hi virumai!

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Sorry, I had to lock my journal down today. All entries are now marked private (save this one, duh). See, I had a disagreement with someone over a year ago. She called me some nasty names and then blocked me from her FB. I'd been warned about her, but I ignored the warnings, because I like to make my own decisions. Anyway, I was happy to be banned and figured that was the end of it, until a mutual "friend" decided to point her to a journal entry I made about her in which I did not mention her name. That means there is at least one person on my FL that is more interested in hurting this person than being either her friend or mine. Seriously are you 12? I'm not interested in e-stalking. It's been a year, move on.
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