Oct. 21st, 2014 09:39 am
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I was supposed to go to a 3 hour orientation at the Unemployment office this morning. It took an hour to drive from Kirkland to Redmond, a distance of 5.9 miles, and I was 10 minutes late. They said to come back tomorrow.
Then I found out that my son skipped his college classes because he didn't ask me for a ride so there is NO WAY for him to get there. I think if you expect the magic taxi to anticipate your needs you are going to go hungry.
Both Tim and I are unemployed (Tim's last day is on Friday) and we will have no health insurance. I can't even muster up the energy to call the obamarcare thing to see if we qualify because I know they'll just say CONGRATULATIONS IT'S ONLY $500 a month!!! I am afraid to add up all the bills because I know we can't make it.  I understand that we are at some % of the poverty level so therefore don't qualify for any assistance on anything, even with us both on unemployment. But the rent still has to be paid.
I was thinking about going to get a part time job at Starbux (or to try anyway) so that I could get health insurance - that way I wouldn't get my unemployment but I'd still get insurance. But then I realized I can't work at sbux because i have pink hair.
I am NOT looking forward to unemployment with Tim and Ian at home together. Ian always skips school and he and Tim fight like wet cats and I seriously can't take it. Tim is constantly hinting that Ian should move out. Ian sits around the house playing some video game all the time, and complains that he is bored and has nothing to do.
I'm worried about taking another contract job that will just end up in me getting laid off again. I'm pushing the age bracket where they stop hiring you because you are old. I need to work for amazon or microsoft or at&t or boeing or someplace corporate where I can stay until I retire. But those places have huge employment databases and I have trouble getting noticed. I get interviews but it's normally with little game companies that probably won't exist in 10 years.
Unemployment is torture for the extrovert.
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