Apr. 30th, 2013

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i went to the dr. today because my RLS (restless leg syndrome) is really bugging me lately and i'm having trouble sleeping. It's probably due to my iron levels being low (but not low enough to get an iron infusion) I'm supposed to be taking iron supplements 3x a day but anyone who has ever taken iron knows how hard that is to keep up. Plus with my surgically altered stomach, I'm not absorbing as much. If I take iron that doesn't have an enteric coating on it, I get tummy issues, if it has the coating on it, I don't absorb much. Anyway,the doctor suggested I try really really hard to take my iron for a few months and if I am compliant and it STILL doesn't go up, he'll consider infusion therapy. They don't like to do it because it is risky, they have to do it in the hospital (chemo center usually) because you can have a negative reaction even if you've done it before without one.

So also, he prescribed Klonopin (Klonopine?) for the RLS symptoms in the interim. Which kind of scares me. Isn't it super addictive? If I were an addict it would be pills all the way. Should I not take it? He only prescribed 20 pills so its not like i could take it forever. But isn't it dangerous? Didn't it kill a bunch of celebrities? I mean if it's something that people get addicted to it must be awesome and I totally want to try it. But I probably shouldn't, should I?


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